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Stevens County Republican Platform 2012

Stevens County Republican Platform


PREAMBLE: We reaffirm the words of our founding fathers as written in the Declaration of Independence.

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – that to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shallseem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.”

Free Enterprise: The engine of economic growth is privately held property, used productively with inspired resourcefulness, ingenuity and innovation.

1.1    We assert that the survival of the Republic depends on advancing the Founders understanding of the “Pursuit of Happiness” as the pursuit of moral productive enterprising lives.

1.2    Government’s responsibility is not to prop up, bail out or favor any private industry or individual, but rather to support it through a minimal regulatory climate, locally driven planning and the encouragement of the general spirit of industry throughout all levels of society.

1.3    We oppose a Washington State income tax and the Business and Occupation tax.

1.4    We support simplification and modification of the Federal Income tax system.

1.5    We believe, as a privately held entity, the Federal Reserve must be accountable to the citizens of the United States through regular and thorough audits of its assets, liabilities, ownership and performance.

1.6    We support a two-thirds Approval vote of registered voters of the State of Washington before any new state taxes can be levied on its citizens.

1.7    The proper role of any welfare program is to be innovative and compassionate to help people help themselves. We support personal responsibility in securing a job and recognize that many non-profit and faith based organizations are far more effective at helping people through challenging times than government programs.

1.8    In the interest of National Security and economic independence and stability, we the people and our elected officials will follow the original intent of the Commerce Clause in the Constitution and encourage local consumption and exportation of American agricultural products and their exclusive use within the Armed Forces.

1.9    We support a national, state and local plan for energy independence uniquely tailored to the resources available in each region, such as, but not limited to, oil, coal, biomass, nuclear, and hydro-electric and call for immediate building of Keystone Pipeline.

1.10 We support the elimination of mandated or coerced labor union membership and/or dues.

1.11 We support laws mandating the labeling of genetically modified food products and tighter regulations ensuring the labeling of country of origin and ingredients for all agricultural products entering the United States.

1.12 We support a strong nationalistic monetary policy that takes immediate steps to lessen the interdependency of our monetary and economic systems with foreign interests or manipulation.

1.13 We recognize that Washington State’s Minimum wage is the highest in the nation, placing local small businesses at a significant competitive disadvantage with other States and the rest of the world. We support a plan that would gradually transition the minimum wage to a market driven level instead of a government regulated level. Furthermore economic policy favoring the creation of long term living wage jobs should be favored over simply reducing unemployment numbers with low paying temporary jobs

1.14 We believe that the encouragement of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness was and is inextricably connected to an individual’s right to own private property. 

EDUCATION: It is the ultimate responsibility of parents and individuals to make use of the highest and best educational resources available to them for the preservation of a free and productive society.

2.1    Complete control of public education should be at the local level through elected school boards.

2.2    The public education system should augment and enable the educational efforts of the parents, and should never impair or usurp it, and should not impede the ability of parents to choose public, private, charter or home-schooling options.

2.3    State Education funding should not be garnered from property taxes, but by revenue generated from state lands and assets – such as natural resource income.

2.4    All of the Funding used for the US Department of Education should be returned to local districts and the United States Department of Education should be abolished.

2.5    We support an educational system that promotes reasonable testing of students in areas of reading comprehension, writing, math, science, history, economics and constitutional studies

2.6    All students should be able to read and write the English language in order to graduate.

2.7    Public educators’ pay should be based upon their performance and effectiveness 

FAMILY: We assert that the cornerstone of any just and enduring society is the preeminence of strong loving families defined by the traditional view of marriage as being a divine covenant between one man and one woman.

3.1      We recognize the right to life of every innocent human being from the moment of conception until natural death. We hold that life is a gift of Godand no one has the right to take or aid another in taking an innocent life.

3.2      We recognize that the conditions bringing a woman to consider an abortion are often catastrophic and emotionally overwhelming. We therefore encourage the growth and presence of privately funded faith-based counseling services that provide education and support to those who may be considering an abortion regarding other options including adoption. Further compassionate support should be provided to those mothers who have had an abortion so that they may be empowered to change or overcome the circumstances that led to this choice.

3.3  We oppose pornography and human trafficking in all of its forms,

3.4We oppose lifestyle orientation and sensitivity training in our schools.

Healthcare: It is the inherent responsibility of each citizen to provide and prepare for their own healthcare needs.

4.1    Doctor and insurance plan selection should be the exclusive responsibility of each individual citizen and should in no way be mandated or assigned by any government agency.Health Savings Accounts and other personally financed options should be encouraged to facilitate individual accountability,

4.2    We categorically reject the implementation of government mandated, socialized healthcare in any form. We assert private insurance options are far superior to any government or socialized healthcare program, and strongly support the ability of insurance companies to do business across state lines, and to form “high risk pools” for those with preexisting conditions. Small businesses and individuals should be encouraged to form or utilize insurance co-ops and other non-profit options.

4.3    All medical insurance premiums should be tax deductible, and no healthcare benefit should be taxed.

4.4    We support Tort Reform legislation and other technological or innovative solutions to reduce the waste, inefficiencies, and corruption within the medical, insurance, and tort systems.

CRIME: It is the natural right of every lawful citizen to secure the safety of their person, lawful liberty, families and property, and the primary intent of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution was to guarantee this right through the unrestricted right to keep and bear arms.

5.1    The role of local, State and Federal law enforcement or military agencies should always be to support and enhance this basic personal right, and never to usurp, replace, regulate, or subjugate it.

5.2    We support swift and appropriate sentences commensurate with the crime. Criminals should pay for damage from, or caused by, their actions and the costs of their punishment. And when appropriate, capital crimes should be swiftly punished with the death penalty with a limit of three death row appeals.

5.3    We oppose the government regulation of the internet.

5.4    We oppose the legalization of marijuana, heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. 

ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES: the responsible use of our natural resources is the base from which all other industry grows and proper stewardship of these resources is the guarantee of future economic stability.

6.1    We support multiple uses of all Public Lands.

6.2    We support policies that protect our fishing resources without detrimental draw-downs, bypass, or dam breaching which harms agriculture and destroys jobs.

6.3    We affirm the fact that hydro power is a cheap, clean and renewable form of energy for renewable energy portfolio consideration.

6.4    Government must compensate property owners at market value when their property (e.g., timber, water, and mineral right) is damaged, impairedor taken by government action.

6.5    We believe that court cases involving public lands, environmental policy enforcement and water rights conflicts should only be heard in the local jurisdiction where such public land is situated.

6.6    We support a policy of reduction of federal and state holdings of lands and assets, and oppose the establishment of United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Biosphere Reserves on American soil, Agenda 21, the Yukon to Yellowstone buffer zones, or any other international or domestic plan designed or leading to the impairing of private property rights or the environmentally destructive under utilization of public lands.

6.7    We believe water rights shouldstay with the landowners and other water users and not be transferred to state ownership.

6.8    Any land management standards imposed on private lands shall also be imposed on Federal and State lands.

6.9    We question the accuracy of the information used to suggest man-made Climate Change and reject any and all attempts to use this as an excuse to levy taxes or regulate business through a State or Federal program, including “Cap and Trade”

6.10    We are opposed to the Washington Wolf Plan. Washington should have no wolves and wolves should not be listed as a state endangered species.

6.11    Land Owners should be allowed to trap problematic or nuisance animals using leg holds or snares on their own property.

NATIONAL DEFENSE AND FOREIGN POLICY: One of the primary responsibilities of the Federal government is the securing of our national boarders and interests through a strong, well prepared military supplied with the best technology, intelligence, and resources available and that these boarders and interests should never be subordinated to or breached by another nation or organization.

7.1    When participation in the United Nations threatens the sovereignty, security, or national interests of the United States, that participation should be discontinued.

7.2    Immediate action should be taken to bring a decisive halt to illegal immigration and trafficking of drugs, people, and other illegal substances across our boarders, using military force, assets or technology where necessary. All existing immigration laws should be enforced, and any public entity or official should be tried as a criminal for refusing to do so.

7.3    United States military personnel should never be placed under foreign or United Nations command.

7.4    We oppose the use of use of foreign Aid.

7.5    In the interest of national security, we insist that our Nation’s critical assets and infrastructure be owned, operated, maintained, and controlled by U.S.A. public or private interests.

7.6    Illegal Immigrants should not be afforded the rights and benefits of citizenship, and should be removed to their country of origin upon discovery. Children born in the United States to persons who illegally enter or reside in the United States should not be granted the rights, benefits and privileges of citizenship.

7.7    Non-US Citizens committing war crimes or acts of terrorism against the United States or its citizens should be tried in a military court and afforded the rights of the Geneva Convention, but should not be given the rights of a U S Citizen or tried in a civilian court.

7.8    The military should be allowed to develop and implement its own policies regarding sexual orientation, and should not be forced by any branch of government to adopt policies regarding this issue that may jeopardize national security and disrupt order or chain of command.

7.9    Congress should withdraw the United States from the World Trade Organization (WTO), North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).

7.10    We support our Constitutional obligation to uphold our treaties with our allies including Israel.

7.11    United Nations should be removed from United States soil and no American funding should be provided.

CAMPAIGN REFORM: A secure and transparent system of elections and campaign finance is vital for the maintenance of a strong Republic.

8.1    Any form or method of voter registration or vote casting or counting in any local, state or national election shall employ a secure and transparent means of verification of statistics and identification of the identity and citizenship of those casting a vote.

8.2    We support full and immediate public disclosure of revenue and disbursement of campaign monies or other donations.

8.3    We support the repeal of the Presidential Campaign Fund donation check-box on federal income tax forms.

8.4    We demand a State primary system that will allow partisan choice of candidates.

8.5    We support the repeal of the “McCain-Feingold Campaign Law.”

LIMITED GOVERNMENT: In a Constitutional Republic only when Self Government is maintained can State and Federal Governments be restrained to their proper constitutional parameters and local governments empowered to preserve the sacred rights of their sovereign citizens.

9.1    We support the downsizing of Federal, Washington State, and local government and bureaucracy at all levels, and insist that the powers of each branch of government be strictly limited in scope and ability according to Constitutional parameters.

9.2    We support the elimination of unfunded mandates by all levels of government

9.3    Growth Management Planning should be locally driven and controlled by County elected officials.

9.4    We support the Constitutional protections guarding private property from the threat of unjustified seizure by eminent domain.

9.5    We support the reaffirmation that the United States is a Republic and not a Democracy.

9.6    United States should pass a balance budget amendment.

9.7    We affirm our unwavering support for the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

9.8    All State governmental agencies (CPS, DOE, etc.) should have their ability to enforce regulations, policy and procedure strictly limited to Constitutional parameters, and should be held strictly accountable to all local elected officials. All alleged violators of social, medical, environmental or any other existing policy or law should be considered innocent until proven guilty, and the burden of proof lies with the accuser.

9.9    All State business should be conducted exclusively in the English language.

9.10 The Federal Reserve’s policies of unrestrained printing of paper money have devalued our currency, led to wholesale corruption, and ruined our economy. We demand that a system utilizing a basket of commodities including gold and silver be made legal tender as an alternative to, and in competition with, existing fiat currency; with the ultimate objective to abolish the Federal Reserve and return to Constitutional, sound money.