SCRCC Bylaws 2015-2016



1.1.      The name of the organization shall be the “Stevens County Republican Central Committee” (SCRCC) and shall be hereafter referred to as the SCRCC.




2.1.1    To elect Republicans to political office.

2.1.2    To attract workers and volunteers to the Republican Party.

2.1.3    To lead, contribute and participate in the establishment of a Republican Party organization that is an effective vehicle for informing the public and setting public policy.

2.1.4    To fulfill those functions conferred upon it by State Law.

2.2       To assist PCOs in engaging their precincts in discussions related to issues and public policies that affect local communities by supporting the hosting of town hall meetings, PCO recruitment events, candidates forums or other events.

2.2.1    The SCRCC may approve money to underwrite facility rental/event costs only after the PCO has received approval by the SCRCC for the event and budget associated with the event. The PCO shall present each proposed event to the SCRCC for coordination and approval prior to the scheduling of events meeting the criteria in with 2.2.

2.2.2    Any events scheduled by District Leaders under the authority of Article V section 5.7.1 shall be held to the same requirements as PCO’s under sections 2.2.1 and 2.2.2.

2.3       To plan, organize, administer and finance the SCRCC to accomplish the above stated purpose.




3.1       The SCRCC shall be made up of two types of membership: voting and non-voting members.

3.1.1    The voting members of the SCRCC shall consist of: 1) the duly elected or appointed Republican Precinct Committee Officers of Stevens County; and 2) the Republican Precinct Committee Captains of Stevens County; and 3) elected members of the Executive Board. RCW 29A.80.031 states, “If a vacancy occurs in the office of precinct committee officer by reason of death, resignation, or disqualification of the incumbent, or because of failure to elect, the respective county chair of the county central committee shall fill the vacancy by appointment.” Appointed PCO’s must meet the qualifications listed in RCW 29A.80. The County Chairman shall also appoint Precinct Captains. Precinct Captains fulfill the responsibilities of a PCO, in the event that no qualified precinct resident can be found to be appointed as PCO. The County Chairman may present appointed PCOs and appointed Precinct Captains to the Executive Board for approval.

3.1.2    The non-voting members of the SCRCC shall consist of any person who: 1) is not a member of another political party; and 2) states in writing by signing the membership card that they support the Stevens County Republican Platform and will support Republican candidates; and 3) has paid the SCRCC membership dues.

3.1.3    At a SCRCC meeting, both voting and non-voting members shall have a right to floor privilege (the right to speak) when recognized by the Chairman.

3.2       Until the organization of the SCRCC has been completed following the general election, the membership of the SCRCC shall be limited to those Precinct Committee Officers elected by the electors in their respective precincts at the State Primary election and certified by the County Auditor, and those Executive Board members elected through the course of the organization meeting. When vacancies in the office of the Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) exists because of failure to be elected at the State primary election, such vacancies shall not be filled until after the organization meeting of the SCRCC and an election has been held resulting in the election of a chairman for the ensuing term of office.

3.3       Removal: Any SCRCC member may be removed from the committee by the SCRCC; provided that three quarters (3/4) of all active voting SCRCC members are present and also provided that three quarters (3/4) of those active voting members present vote in to remove the member. Removal must be prefaced by just cause such as disloyalty to the party or the SCRCC. Prior to a vote for removal, the accused member shall have the right to speak to the SCRCC in defense of his/her actions. Removal shall result in the loss of all rights and privileges granted by these by-laws to SCRCC membership.

3.3.1    The removed SCRCC member will be further barred from participation in any SCRCC actions until the next Organizational Meeting of the SCRCC.

3.4       Inactive Status: An inactive voting member will not be counted in the total voting membership to establish a quorum and will not be eligible to vote at any SCRCC meetings.

3.4.1    Any duly elected or appointed SCRCC voting member whose absence is not excused by the Chair for two consecutive meetings will be considered inactive. Any member who is inactive because of unexcused absences as defined in 3.4.1 and wishes to be reinstated as an active member of the SCRCC has two options. He or she may 1) attend three consecutive meetings and he or she will automatically be reinstated at the beginning of the third meeting; or 2) request to be reinstated in writing to the SCRCC Chairman. The Chairman will present the member to the body; a majority vote will reinstate the inactive member, provided a quorum is met.

3.4.2    Any duly elected or appointed SCRCC voting member who fails to sign the membership card (once it has been approved by the SCRCC) and/or fails to pay his or her membership dues (once it is established) will be removed from active status of the SCRCC. To be reinstated to active status, the member made inactive by 3.4.2 must sign the membership card and/or pay his or her membership dues.

3.5       Requests for excused prolonged absences may be granted by the SCRCC Chairman with concurrence of the Executive Board.




4.1.1    The officers of the SCRCC Executive Board shall consist of the County Chairman, County Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, State Committeeman, State Committeewoman and the following:

4.1.2    Three members, one from each Commissioner District elected by district caucus will serve as District Leaders; in the event that a caucus is not/cannot be held or is unsuccessful in electing a District Leader, the District Leader will be appointed by the County Chairman.

4.1.3    Three Delegates elected to the 7th District Committee

4.1.4    Up to but not more than three Republican Members at Large

4.1.5    A Sergeant at Arms

4.1.6    In the event of vacancies on the Executive Board between organization meetings, the voting members of the SCRCC at a meeting with a quorum present shall fill the vacancy by electing the required officer from among the active voting or nonvoting membership of the SCRCC.




5.1.1    The County Chairman shall be the chief executive officer of the SCRCC. He/she shall be the chairman of the SCRCC and the Executive Board and shall preside at their meetings when in attendance. He/she shall be responsible for the proper functioning of all officers of the SCRCC to the end that its programs and policies are successfully administered and its business is properly conducted.

5.1.2    The SCRCC shall hold a general membership meeting no later than March 31 to determine political and fundraising programs for the year of organization. Each district leader and the county chair shall submit plans to the committee for consideration. Objectives for the coming year may also be raised from the floor, discussed after a second and passed through a majority vote of the general membership.

5.1.3    The County Chairman shall have the power to make appointments to fill any vacant PCO position after the Organizational meeting (see sec. 3.1.1). The County Chairman shall also nominate the chairman of any committee, who shall then appoint the remainder of the committee that will be an appropriate number of persons.

5.1.4    The County Chairman shall do all things in his/her power to successfully implement the political campaigns during his/her term of office for the election of the Republican ticket.

5.1.5    The County Chairman shall have the power and duty to solicit funds on behalf of the SCRCC, either personally or through an appointed representative or representatives and shall forthwith transfer to the Treasurer all such funds received. He/she shall have the authority to issue annual membership cards and to establish a donation schedule for said membership. Membership funds are to be used for the sole purpose of operational expenses for the SCRCC.

5.1.6    The County Chairman shall schedule him/herself to attend all State Party meetings and if unable to attend must make every effort to provide a proxy to attend in his/her stead. Failure to attend or provide a written proxy to two consecutive State Party meetings will result in being automatically removed from the County Chairman’s position. The County Chairman shall be responsible for all expenses incurred in traveling to and from all State Meetings.

5.1.7    The County Chairman shall prepare a written evaluation in January of each year of the previous year’s political and fundraising programs and submit them to the SCRCC.

5.1.8    The bylaws are a legal document under the care and custody of the SCRCC County Chairman. There will be only four copies issued that are signed and original, and they will be issued to the County Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. All others will be marked as copies with the signature block removed, but will be dated with the revision number included. It will be the County Chairman’s responsibility to retrieve the outdated copies when revised bylaws are issued.

5.1.9    The County Chairman shall develop an orientation program for newly elected PCO’s and ensure that they receive the Republican State Party’s PCO handbook.

5.1.10 The County Chairman shall be the official spokesperson of the SCRCC and no others shall speak on behalf of the SCRCC organization.


5.2.1    The Vice Chairman shall be the chief assistant to the chairman in the administration of his/her duties.

5.2.2    The Vice Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the SCRCC and Executive Board in the absence of the County Chairman.

5.2.3    In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of the County Chairman, the Vice Chairman shall exercise all powers and perform all duties of the County Chairman until said vacancy has been filled by the SCRCC. In the case of death, removal or resignation of the County Chairman, the Vice Chairman shall, within thirty (30) days, call a meeting of the central committee to fill the vacancy.

5.3       THE SECRETARY:

5.3.1    It is the duty of the SCRCC Secretary to be the secretary of the SCRCC and the Executive Board. He/she shall keep complete and accurate minutes of the all proceedings of the SCRCC and Executive Board and sign completed record of actions taken and shall provide a copy of all minutes to the Precinct Officers and Executive board.

5.3.2    The Secretary shall be responsible for written notice of all meetings to the SCRCC and executive board.

5.3.3    He/she shall be responsible for the safe keeping of the SCRCC and Executive Board records and papers and shall surrender them in good order to his/her successor.

5.4       THE TREASURER:

5.4.1    It is the duty of the Treasurer to be the custodian of all funds of the SCRCC.

5.4.2    He/she will deposit all SCRCC receipts in the appropriate SCRCC account in a federally insured financial institution.

5.4.3    He/she shall keep an accurate record of all receipts.

5.4.4    He/she shall report all financial activities to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) in a timely manner and in accordance to the rules and requirements of the PDC.

5.4.5    All checks drawn shall be signed by only the Treasurer, except in the Treasurer’s absence from duties or incapacity, and then checks may be signed by the Vice Chair.

5.4.6    The treasurer’s books will be audited biannually, or when Treasurer is changed, by an audit committee appointed by the chairman.

5.4.7    It is the duty of the Treasurer to take all necessary steps to comply with State and federal statutes in regard to fundraising and reports thereof.

5.4.8    The Treasurer and County Chairman will present to the Executive Board the bi-annual budget. It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to account for all budget expenditures and to request budget adjustment if required.

5.4.9    Included in the budget will be a discretionary account for expenditures specified in a line item. No more than $250.00 will be authorized in this discretionary account during any given quarter. Expenditures from this account will be reported to the Executive Board for their approval not less than quarterly.

5.4.10 The Treasurer will submit an accounting of expenditures to the SCRCC and the Executive committee at their scheduled meetings. Quarterly the Treasurer will submit a report showing the budget and expenses by category.


5.5.1    The State Committeeman and State Committeewoman together with the County Chairman are to represent the SCRCC to the State Central Committee and will exercise and perform such powers and duties usually pertaining to those offices and report fully to the executive board and SCRCC on the activities of the State Central Committee and otherwise fulfill the duties of their office.

5.5.2    If a State Committeeman or State Committeewoman is absent from two consecutive State Party meetings, and fails to provide a written proxy to take their place at the State Party meeting, he or she will be automatically removed from their State Committeeman or Committeewoman position.

5.5.3    The State Committeeman and State Committeewoman shall be responsible for all expenses incurred in traveling to and from all State Meetings.


5.6.1    The 7th District Delegates shall have the same powers, duties and responsibilities to the 7th District Committee as do the State Committeeman and State Committeewoman in regard to the State Central Committee.

5.6.2    If a 7th District Delegate is absent from two consecutive 7th District meetings, and fails to provide a written proxy to take their place at the 7th District meeting, then he or she will be automatically removed from their 7th District Delegate position.

5.6.3    The 7th District Delegate shall be responsible for all expenses incurred in traveling to and from all 7th District Meetings.


5.7.1    It is the duty of the District Leaders to serve as members of the Executive Board. District Leaders are responsible to train PCOs. They are further responsible to assist PCOs and Captains in efforts to organize voter registration drives, precinct caucuses, hold town hall meetings and support SCRCC functions and other party building activities.

5.7.2    The District Leader is responsible to work with PCOs to identify and catalog Republicans in their districts.


5.8.1    He/she shall maintain order and validate credentials.


5.9.1    This is an honorary position for members that have contributed years of faithful service to the SCRCC and the party and is for the good of the order.


5.10.1 The Executive Board shall meet at the call of the County Chairman. Meeting notices shall be given by the County Chairman one (1) week in advance of the meetings (see 8.1.5).

5.10.2 The Executive Board is to advise and assist the County Chairman in carrying out political campaigns.

5.10.3 Five (5) members of the Executive Board shall have the authority to call the SCRCC or Executive Board into session whenever they deem a meeting to be necessary or proper, provided they must first request the county chairman to call such a meeting and he/she must have failed to do so for a period of five (5) days thereafter.

5.10.4 The Executive Board shall have full power to act for the SCRCC between SCRCC meetings, provided such actions are not contrary to law or to the express actions previously taken by the SCRCC.

5.10.5 It is the duty of the Executive Board to prepare a plan for equitable appointment of delegates to the Washington State Convention.

5.10.6 Absence from any three (3) regular Executive Board meetings shall automatically cause a member’s place on the Executive Board to be declared vacant unless there is sufficient cause for such absence as determined by the Executive Board.

5.10.7 If an officer of the Executive Board files for or is appointed to a political office or moves from the district from which he or she was elected, the same shall be considered to be a resignation from the Executive Board.



6.1       SCRCC

6.1.1    The SCRCC shall set the meeting calendar for the remaining year at its first meeting of the year. The SCRCC shall set a meeting at least once a calendar quarter, and may schedule a meeting more often if it chooses.


6.2.1    The County Chairman shall have the power to nominate the chairman of all committees. The SCRCC shall approve the appointment of the chairman by simple majority vote of the active voting members.

6.2.2    The Committee Chairman shall then appoint the remainder of the committee that shall consist of an appropriate number of persons.

6.2.3    The Committee Chairman shall call and run all committee meetings and report back to the SCRCC and Executive Board.

6.2.4    Any member of a committee may be removed by a simple majority vote of the active voting members of the SCRCC.

6.3       VETTING

6.3.1    VETTING AT THE STATE PARTY It is the purview of the WSRP to vet Republican candidates for statewide and Congressional partisan elected offices.

6.3.2    SCRCC VETTING A vetting committee chairperson will be identified by the SCRCC in accordance with 6.2.1 before March 1 of each year. The vetting committee chairperson will appoint additional members of the vetting committee. The SCRCC vetting committee will draft vetting procedures for evaluating Republican candidates running for partisan Stevens County elected offices and Republican candidates running for the partisan elected offices of Washington State Representative and Senator in the 7th Legislative District. At a minimum, the vetting committee will consider the two-part vetting questionnaire, scoring rubrics and the vetting interview process. Part one of the questionnaire will address candidate qualifications for the office sought and pertinent Republican credentials, while part two will be designed to assess a candidate’s concurrence with the SCRCC platform. The vetting committee will submit vetting procedures to the Executive Board for review and approval. Any recommended changes made by a majority vote of the Executive Board shall be submitted to the SCRCC for further consideration. Approval by the SCRCC shall be by a simple majority of all active voting SCRCC members present, after a standard quorum of the SCRCC has been met. The committee shall vet all Republican candidates subject to vetting in accordance with using the approved vetting procedures. The vetting committee chair will report the results of the vetting process to the SCRCC no later than 30 days prior to the date of the Primary Election.

6.3.3    The SCRCC may approve the vetting of candidates for races other than those meeting the requirements of by a simple majority by the SCRCC in a regularly scheduled meeting.   The vetting committee may specify modified vetting processes for such candidates, but vetting procedures must still undergo the review and approval processes prescribed in


6.4.1    It shall be the decision of the SCRCC on whether to endorse any Republican candidate for office. A Republican candidate who is subject to vetting according to, can only be endorsed after the vetting procedure has been completed.

6.4.2    The SCRCC may endorse “pre-primary” (but after the filing date has closed) any Republican candidate at a regularly scheduled SCRCC meeting or at an SCRCC meeting called for this purpose, provided a quorum of active SCRCC members is met, and also provided that two-thirds (2/3) of present SCRCC members vote in the affirmative. If a Republican candidate in sec. 6.4.2 is not being challenged by another Republican, then a simple majority of the PCO’s present is all that is need for the endorsement.

6.4.3    The SCRCC may endorse more than one Republican candidate for a single office if the above requirements are met.

6.4.4    Once a candidate has been endorsed, the SCRCC may give financial support to the candidate. At each SCRCC meeting between the primary election and the general election, the agenda will include an item under New Business on consideration of candidate financial support.

6.4.5    The SCRCC may endorse or oppose a statewide proposition/referendum and/or non-partisan positions with a majority vote of all active SCRCC members seated in a regularly scheduled meeting or a meeting called for this purpose provided a quorum has been met.




7.1.1    The organization meeting of the SCRCC shall be held at such time and place so designated by a call of the properly authorized officers of the SCRCC, no later than the second week of January of the appropriate year, in accordance with RCW 29A.80.030.

7.1.2    The term of office of all positions elected at the organization meeting or otherwise shall be for up to two years, or until the next organization meeting.

7.1.3    The Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be of opposite sex.

7.1.4    Voting members as defined in 3.2 shall adopt rules and regulations to govern itself during the succeeding biennium. The adoption of proposed and amended by-laws by the SCRCC shall constitute the adoption of said rules and regulations.

7.1.5    The order of business at the organization meeting shall be:

  1. Reading of the call to the organization meeting
  2. Roll call and declaration of a quorum
  3. Invocation
  4. Flag Salute
  5. Election of temporary chairman
  6. Appointment of temporary secretary by temporary chairman
  7. Treasurers report
  8. Adoption of by-laws
  9. Election of SCRCC County Chairman
  10. Seating of newly elected SCRCC Chairman
  11. Election of County Vice-Chairman
  12. Election of State Committeeman
  13. Election of State Committeewoman
  14. Election of Secretary
  15. Election of Treasurer
  16. Election of a Sergeant at Arms
  17. Election of Three (3) Seventh District Republican Committee Delegates.
  18. Election of three (County Commissioner District Leaders) shall be completed by a caucus of the PCO’s of each individual district or they may be appointed if there is no district caucus.
  19. Election of the Republicans at Large if appropriate.
  20. Unfinished business.
  21. New Business

– Set SCRCC meeting calendar for remainder of year.

– Approve membership card and set membership dues.

  1. Adjourn

7.1.6    The rules at the organization meeting shall be:

  1. The Chairman of the SCRCC shall run the Organization Meeting until a temporary chairman can be elected. If the Chairman is unavailable, the Vice-Chairman shall take his/her place.
  2. Bylaws.
  3. The Bylaws Chairman shall present the proposed bylaws for the new SCRCC Organization.
  4. Any suggested amendments to the bylaws that were submitted by an elected PCO in writing to the Bylaws Chairman prior to the start of the Organization Meeting shall be presented to the SCRCC for consideration for adoption.
  5. Any suggested amendments to the bylaws from the floor shall be in writing and state the name of the person making the motion.
  6. The author of any amendment shall be recognized by the chairman before speaking. The author shall make a motion, stating his/her amendment clearly and concisely. The chairman shall call for a second to the proposed amendment.
  7. Once there is a second, the author of the amendment shall have one minute to explain the reason for presenting his/her amendment. The chairman will entertain two arguments in support and against the amendment. Each supporter and opponent shall be given one minute to talk. The author of the amendment shall be given one minute to conclude the discussion on the amendment. The chairman shall then call for a vote on the proposed amendment.
  8. Once the chairman has concluded that there are no more amendments to be heard, he/she shall call for ratification of the bylaws, as amended if applicable.
  9. Election of Officers.
  10. Once the Chairman is elected, he/she shall take over running the meeting.
  11. The chairman shall call for the nomination of each officer in the order laid out in Sec. 7.1.5. The nominations will be closed once the chairman has called three times for the nomination of the officer and there are no more nominations presented.
  12. The person who nominated the candidate may make a two minute speech as to why the candidate would be successful at the position they were nominated for. The candidate may then make a two minute speech. Each elected PCO may ask the candidate one short and concise question. The candidate shall have one minute to answer the question. Once there are no more questions, the SCRCC shall vote.
  13. Each officer must be elected by simple majority of the votes (50% + 1). All voting shall be done by secret ballot. If there are more than two candidates for an office, and none of the candidates receive a simple majority, then the candidate receiving the lowest vote count shall be removed from consideration and the SCRCC shall vote for one of the remaining candidates. This process shall continue until one candidate receives a simple majority.




8.1.1    Order of business of the SCRCC and the Executive Board shall be:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Ascertaining a Quorum
  3. Invocation
  4. Flag Salute
  5. Secretary’s Report
  6. Treasurer’s Report
  7. State Committeeman & Committeewoman Report
  8. 7th District Report
  9. District Leaders Report
  10. Unfinished Business
  11. New Business
  12. Good of the Order
  13. Adjournment

8.1.2    A majority of the active voting members of the SCRCC or the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum of that body for the transaction of business, and any action taken by a majority of active voting members, voting at any meeting shall be the valid action of the body, unless otherwise specified in these by-laws.

8.1.3    An absent active member of the SCRCC may be represented by a voting proxy at any meeting of the SCRCC except at the organization meeting, provided that said proxy is executed in writing and signed by the absent member, and is held by a Republican from the precinct represented by the absent member. An absent member of the Executive Board may be represented by a proxy at any meeting of the Executive Board, if said proxy is held by either an elected or appointed Precinct Committee Officer or Precinct Committee Captain.

8.1. 4   A notice of all SCRCC meetings shall be sent to all members of the SCRCC a minimum of twelve (12) days prior to any SCRCC meeting. Calls to the executive board meetings must be sent to all SCRCC members not less than seven (7) days prior to the meeting. Notice for either the SCRCC or Executive Board meeting may be sent by mail or email. If sent by mail, the notice must be post marked by the dates listed in 8.1.5. If sent by email, a copy of the email notice must be printed, dated, signed and retained by the Chairman and must include the list of recipients. The County Chairman and designees are responsible to communicate with members according to their stated preferred mode, whether mail or email. Members are responsible to keep the County Chairman (via the Secretary) informed of preferred mode of communication, including but not limited to updated email and mailing addresses. At the discretion of the County Chairman, telephonic, and/or video conferencing technology may be allowed by exception for Executive Board meetings. Executive Board members attending via electronic methods will count toward a quorum.

8.1.6    When not inconsistent with the provisions of these rules, the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules shall govern all meetings of the SCRCC and the Executive Board.

8.1.7    The SCRCC may temporarily suspend, for specific purpose, any provision of the rules bearing upon the procedures of the SCRCC or the Executive Board by a two thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of members present.




A. Call to order by the County Chairman of the Central Committee

B.  Opening ceremonies

C.  Appointment by the County Chairman of the Central Committee of temporary chairman, recording secretary, and assistant secretary. The County Chairman shall appoint the permanent sergeant at arms and parliamentarian.

D.  Announced Republican candidates will be allowed to speak to the body throughout the convention, as available. Speeches will be limited to three (3) minutes

E.  First report of credentials committee

F.  Final report of credentials committee (If two are used)

G.  Rules committee report

H.  Election of permanent chairman

I.  Election of recording secretary

J.  Election of assistant secretary

K.  Election of delegates and alternates to State Convention

L.  Report of platform committee

M.  Miscellaneous Business

N.  Announcements and adjournment




10.1.1 The by-laws may be amended by two thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the members present at any regular or special meeting of the SCRCC. All proposed amendments by a member of the SCRCC shall be presented to the chairman of the SCRCC in writing not later than thirty (30) days prior to convening any meeting of the SCRCC at which the by-law amendment would be voted upon. Copies of the proposed amendments shall be mailed to all SCRCC members not later than ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which they are to be considered.

These by-laws were adopted by the SCRCC at the 2015 organization meeting held on January 3, 2015.  Presentation online is offered as a service to visitors and may include slight formatting differences from the original; official copy is on file with the Stevens County Republican Central Committee Chairman.